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Daniel Meade and The Flying Mules, live at Mareel, Shetland 2016.

Cover Photo - Cameron Brisbane

“Glasgow’s finest exponent of ol’time Americana with a hillbilly boogie woogie edge” LONESOME HIGHWAY

“As live albums go this is top deck, immensely entertaining and vibrant.. There’s a swagger about them as they run through ten songs  with a delightful sense of energy and glee, the audience cheering them along throughout with Meade’s laconic Glasgow wit on show..” BLABBER ’N’ SMOKE

“..what an effective operator Daniel Meade is when delving into a little retro revival” THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH UK

“Lloyd Reid's understated yet still flamboyant guitaring and of course Dan's distinctive singing have made my heart swell and occasionally skip a beat on a bunch of sharply observed and really smartly written songs” THE ROCKING MAGPIE

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